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Choosing Incredible Blazers for Fashionable Men

Blazers have ruled the fashion game for generations. Today, you can find them at all the big high-street stores. Blazer is an essential piece in a man’s wardrobe. From formal to party wear, blazers are sure to pull every look for all occasions and seasons.

At Jade Blue, we bring a blend of fashion and style with our stylish blazers specially crafted for men. Our blazers are available in all our offline and online stores. We have a collection of men’s blazers for every occasion like parties, weddings, engagement, meetings and casual meets. We offer a slim fit as well as regular fit blazers at our stores. Our blazers are available in all patterns like printed, embroidered, checks and more.

Types of Blazers for Men:

  1. 2-Button Single-Breasted: It is possibly the most versatile piece for your wardrobe. A navy coloured single-breasted gives a stylish look. It is pretty common among blazers.

  2. 3-Button Single-Breasted: It is slowly gaining popularity in the world of blazers. It gives a rich look to the men taller than 6 feet. You can pair it with different colour trousers and get ready for all looks.

  3. 6-Button Double-Breasted: it is a win-win game for all casual and formal looks. A 6-button double-breasted with jetted pockets gives an ultimate formal look.

Why Should You Choose Blazers Over Suits?

Blazers can carry any look when rightly tailored and paired. Here are some reasons why you should have at least one such key piece in your wardrobe.

  1. They make you look stronger, smarter and slimmer.

  2. They can be perfectly paired with t-shirts.

  3. They can give a casual look with jeans.

  4. Their lapels keep collars in line.

  5. They have a looser and more relaxed build.

  6. They can go along with chinos and trousers.

Fittings for Blazers:

  • Starting from the collar, make sure your collar is correctly fitted. This helps the alignment of the shirt collar with the blazer’s collar.

  • The blazer sleeves should fall just above hands. They should have a slim fitting around the arms and chest.

  • Your blazer should fit closely but not too tight to fit the chest.

  • They should be tapered in the waist. Skinny ones can avoid this or else they will get a super skinny look.

  • The length should not exceed beyond the hip bone. A long blazer does not give a good look.

Styling Tips:

  1. To pull off a casual look, pair your blazers with denim, khakis or even chinos.

  2. For a formal one, pair them with tailored pants to get a superb look. You can also try with the flannel trousers.

  3. A Blazer can give a classic look when paired with plain t-shirts or the one with a turtleneck.

  4. Style it with a crisp button-up shirt and a bow and you can be party ready.

  5. Blazers can go along with all sorts of shoes.

  • Formal pants and blazers can be paired with formal shoes

  • Flannel trousers and blazers can be paired with a double monk strap

  • Blazers, when paired with chinos and jeans, can give smart look with loafers or casual shoes

The best is blazers can go along with any pair of clothes and shoes. Yet it surprisingly gives a rich and smart look every time.

Top Tips on How to Pull Off a Blazer Look with Jeans:

  1. Blazer & Shirt: A White shirt and any colored blazer can give a timeless look for every suave occasion. Depending on the colour of your choice and persona, you can never go wrong with this all-time classic look. A crisp blazer and oxford shirt is a match made in heaven.

  1. Denim Jacket, Shirt & Blazer: For winters, along with a T-shirt and blazer, you can layer it with a denim jacket. This gives a warm yet stylish look, perfect for cooler weather during winters and autumn. Also, it brings a distinctive detail to the blazer and shirt ensemble.

  1. Blazer with T-Shirt: The easiest and simplest option to pull off a blazer look at any time. This surely gives a dashing and cool look for evening parties and get-togethers. You can opt for a black or beige blazer, and pair with a simple V-neck t-shirt. No wonder, it will never fail to add a smart casual vibe to your look. You can also style it with accessories to complete the ensemble. Avoid wearing Polos with Blazer.

  1. Coloured Blazers: Blazers can blend with all shades of colours. During summers, you can choose to buy a bright blazer or can go for light hues. You can go for the light and hue pastel colours like pink or blue. This surely can bring your outfit to new levels. For winters, you can choose to experiment with darker shades of grey and red like maroon with patterns. This gives a different look and can prove to be a perfect way to make a style statement.

Style Tip: Keep your coloured jeans simple. You can avoid rips, stone washes, or some extravagant stitching. Else, you might spoil the entire look.

  1. Black Blazer Outfits: If you are someone who is obsessed with black, this outfit is a clean way out for a smart look. You can carry this look at your workplace to pubs and still win the fashion game. You can pair it with the skinny or the classic black slim jeans. With black jeans, you can pair it with any colour shirts, blazers irrespective of the patterns and fabrics.

  1. Blue Jeans with Blazer: If your dress code is smart-casual, then Blue jeans and a blazer can be a classic choice. A blazer is structured and refined while denim is casual and laid-back. This is a smart-casual combination for any kind of occasion. If you choose to wear a blazer and jeans with a right pair of shoes, you can pull off any look.

JadeBlue offers the world’s most prestigious men’s collections. Get men’s casuals, formals, fabrics, customized designs, occasion wear brands, professional outfitting, and accessories at our stores.

For 3 consecutive years at the Annual Images Fashion Awards, JadeBlue has won the "Most Admired Regional Fashion Retailer of the Year - West".

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