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Flaunt Your Fit: Styling Up As Per Your Body Shape

The Twill weave has a diagonal pattern, usually running from left to right at 45°. If used for formal office wear for men, like jeans and chinos, it gives off a rich and neat look.  

But, who has the time to get entwined with the weft and wrap of each thread to know what will look good? Moreover, how to determine which style will personally go well with you?

We say, know your Body Shape. Utilise the science of visual illusions in fashion to get your best look ever, whether you are looking forward to festive wear or party-wear shirts for men.

Know Your (Body) Type

There are 5 basic body shapes determined by the ratio of your shoulders, waist and hips. Each body type has defined and unique features that can be elevated or hidden with different types of clothes. The 5 kinds of body types are:

Body Type



Balanced proportions, equal shoulder, waist, and hip measurements.


Narrow or thinner shoulders, moderate waist and wider bottoms.

Inverted triangle

Broad shoulders, lean waistline, and narrower hips.


Broad shoulders, a well-defined chest, and a slimmer waist.


Wider midsection or waist as compared to shoulders and hips.


Find Your Tailored Fit

Rectangle Body Type

Take Away: Experiment with colour and contrast, horizontal patterns, and vibrant prints.

With an equal measure of all your points, the rectangle body type gives off a lean and symmetric look. Making it best for straight-cut or A-line party wear shirts, since the body structure elevates the straight look.

A neat-cut cotton kurta will rock on for festive occasions. You can also go for tailored-fit formal office wear with a classy belt to add more definition to your waistline for daily workwear.

Have fun with colour contrast, horizontal patterns, and vibrant prints.

Triangle Bosd Type

Take away: Accentuate shoulders and steal the attention from waist

Our pro tip for a triangle body shape is to focus on emphasising your shoulder. For this go for V-neck polo shirts or kurtas with unique necklines as it directs the eye movement away from the rest of the body.

Along with it, slim down from your waist with straight-cut pants. Olive green chinos and navy blue jeans are good choices for creating a streamlined effect and maintaining a balanced overall look.

Inverted triangle

Take away: Run away from skinny jeans and tight-fitted pants.

Monochromes are your bestie. 

Slim-fit kurtas are the best pick for inverted triangle body type when it comes to ethnic wear for men. This tones down your proportions, avoiding unnecessary bulk. You can also go for horizontal stripes to add an elevated illusion to your look.

When it comes to semi-formal office wear, men with inverted triangle body must avoid skinny jeans, since they will create a loud contrast by making your legs appear thinner than regular. Rather opt for the classy look of tailored pants and trousers with a medium flow and flare.


Take away: Open up to some experimental styling.

With a well-built body, most patterns and colours go well with the Trapezium body shape. However, there is one exception- baggy clothes.

Avoid loose bottoms and while buying kurta for men pay attention to the waist fit and bottom flare. You would want to go for the funk of asymmetric necklines, distin, embellishments and prints.


Take away: Long layering is your thing to slim out the midsection.

Those with oval body type have more volume around the waist than the shoulders and hips. Go for vertical stripes for an elongated appeal and straight-leg pants for a relaxed look.

If you are more into formal wear, neckties and long blazers are your comfort zone. Shades of grey, navy blue, and brown will go well for tailored pants, while monochromatic tones like black and white blend well with t-shirts.

With a bit of fashion science, you can style up in comfort and class every day. From festive wear to daily formal wear for men, JadeBlue has all you need tailored as per your taste, class and body type.

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