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The JADEBLUE Group Today

JadeBlue’s modest beginning started from Ahmedabad in 1995, Since then JadeBlue has 37 men’s clothing stores with over 10,00,000+ satisfied client base.

  • JADEBLUE LIFESTYLE INDIA LTD today is one of Gujarat’s prominent enterprises. Over the few decades India’s entrepreneurial spirit has been phenomenal and remains synonymous with pioneers of business. The group is formed of two brands, namely: JadeBlue, Greenfibre.

    The Group’s philosophy is based on two principles:
    1. Long-term objectives through innovation and design
    2. A healthy ethical commitment preserved in a rigorous corporate governance system

    The company is led by Jitendra Chauhan as CMD, Bipin Chauhan as the Managing Director, and Shambhav Chauhan and Siddhesh Chauhan as Executive Directors. Khushali Chauhan plays a major role in the e-Commerce Vertical launched by the company.

    The culture is robust and united that allows young talents to emerge in the company-wide quest for design, quality and fine craftsmanship.

    In the midst of these, the core value always remains: Constant focus on customers satisfaction & Community building.

The JADEBLUE Journey

  • They were the 6th Generation tailors. Jitendra Chauhan and Bipin Chauhan started work at a very young age. The family roots go back to Limbdi – A small town few kms from Ahmedabad. Their father Chimanlal Chauhan also a perfectionist tailor travelled a lot to Mumbai and Kolkata during his time. Both brothers started the basics of tailoring while still studying at school. Jitendra Chauhan learnt cutting and stitching from his elder brother Dinesh Chauhan (Dadu). While still working and making 10 to 12 shirts per day all by himself Jitendra Chauhan pursued Graduation in Psychology. His younger brother followed the similar footsteps.

    At this point the three brothers had gained enough respect in the locality and around for flourishing and growing the legacy of custom tailoring. For further prospects and expansion , Jitendra Chauhan decided to start a new shop. Bipin Chauhan joined him in the quest and they formed SuprEEmo Clothing and Menswear on 21 June, 1981, Ahmedabad. The sales shot up within days and soon the word spread, the duo kept on making unique styles with the best quality and fine craftsmanship.

  • 1986- launched first store named D’peak point With the word spreading and few ideas by people around they decided to make ready to wear shirts and sell it at Mumbai. The made a label: d’peak point literally meaning The Peak Point (The best in shirts). The first consignment had some major issues from the vendors side in terms of their internal distribution and supply.

    They breached the agreement and cancelled the first shipment. The times were tough, but with so much stock on hand they decided they will launch those shirts in Ahmedabad itself. To their surprise, it was a phenomenal success. For years to come with God’s grace and the duo’s sheer determination and hard work the decade went perfectly well with more and more loyal client base.

  • According to Hindu mythology , on the auspicious day of Dussehra in 1995 JADEBLUE had its inception. A 2800 sq. ft. retail outlet exclusively for fabrics and ready to wear formal shirts and trousers.

    Though the main attraction always remained the unparalleled luxury of bespoke. For the coming few years the brothers focused on Quality and 100% customer satisfaction through innovation in design and fine craftsmanship. In 1999, with the rise in customer demand for national and international brands, they expanded and added 12 premium national menswear brands with another 5500 sq. ft. to their feather.


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