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Groom's Regal Palette: 5 Royal Wedding Attire Colors!

As the wedding bells knock on the doors, it's time to begin your search for grooming styles, advice, and colors that will ensure all eyes are on you. The choice of colors for your traditional attire plays a pivotal role in attaining the ideal wedding look, and setting the tone for your overall appearance. So, let's explore five sophisticated color combinations that will not only make you stand out but also make you feel like a king, commanding attention and admiration, ensuring you leave an unforgettable mark at the wedding celebration.

  • Classic Ivory and Gold
  • The combination of ivory (a soft white) and gold has always been attractive since ages because it never goes out of style. When these two colors combine, it creates a sense of elegance and sophistication. 

    Just imagine yourself wearing a traditional Indian sherwani in shades of cream or ivory, with beautiful gold decorations. Looks very luxurious and grand, right? You can level up your attire by adding gold accessories like a turban, cufflinks, and brooches. This color combination gives you a polished and majestic look that fits perfectly with the traditional vibe of weddings.

  • Royal Blue and Silver
  • If you want to stand out with a bold and stylish fashion statement, consider wearing shades of blue like Teal Blue, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, or deep blue outfits from JadeBlue. These colors bring a modern touch to classical clothing. You can make a memorable entrance in a royal blue sherwani with beautiful silver embroidery and intricate designs.

  • Earthy Elegance - Olive and Rust
  • For a more rustic and down-to-earth ambience, turn to the pairing of olive and rust. This combination resonates perfectly with outdoor and daytime functions like the mehendi. You can opt for olive-colored sherwanis with subtle rust accents, while wedding attendees can choose olive kurtas paired with rust-colored dhotis or trousers. 

  • Bold Red and Black
  • Wearing red and black from JadeBlue makes a strong, confident, and stylish statement. You can stand out with a deep red sherwani decorated with intricate black embroidery. This combination is perfect for the Sangeet ceremony of the wedding. Groove to the beats with your dancing skills and dapper style, and make a statement at the wedding with the perfect color combination. 

  • Pastel Perfection - Mint and Blush
  • Pastel colors are becoming the new trend in men's ethnic fashion, and JadeBlue has an aesthetic combination of mint green and soft blush pink for your wedding day. These colors create a gentleman’s look, that's a great match for summer weddings. You can wear mint-colored sherwanis with subtle blush details for a charming and delicate style. 

    At Jade Blue, we have an understanding about the significance of this decision, and that's why we offer a classical range of high-quality and trendy men's wedding attire, including Jodhpuri and Sherwani styles, available in an extensive array of colors. From the sophisticated allure of wine to the enduring charm of blue, our collection ensures a perfect match for your unique style.

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