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An Extravagant Affair: Haldi Style Guide for Men

The Haldi ceremony is the perfect occasion to be draped in modern-day extravaganza and glamour. Whether you are the groom, his best friend, or the bride’s father, there is something for all to style up this pre-wedding ceremony. 

The golden rule of Haldi is to ‘keep it simple and subtle’. But this never means you have to be plain or compromise on your personal style statement. 

Let us unpack your perfect look for this auspicious event.

Colour options for the Haldi ceremony

Traditionally, warmer shades like red, yellow, and orange are auspicious for the Haldi event. Marked with joy, comfort, and fun, these shades are perfect to showcase your playful side. 

If you feel a bit dreamy, pastel blue, green tea and rose pink are the trending shades to look for in 2024. Compliment your monotone kurta with a beige or cream colour pajama, and a classic pair of brown or black footwear.

Accessorise with the undertones of rose, ivory, green, and gold to add a spark of drama to your look.

Fabrics for Haldi Ceremony

The flow and feel of the fabric hold the charm of your outfit. We, at JadeBlue, are committed to crafting the look you aspire to have with the best blend of fabrics. 

On the day of the Haldi, you cannot go wrong with a pure cotton or silk-blend kurta. With a breezy flow and soft feel, a silk-based kurta will fit excellently for the groom and the close relatives. 

Add a layer of silk jacket or lightweight stole to your cotton canvas for a simple yet sleek look. 

Remember to consider the season while choosing the perfect fabric for your Haldi. Lightweight linen fabrics go well for summer and spring, while for winter, heavy jacquard will be befitting. 

Haldi Event Design and Style

While giving a personal style statement it is essential to sync in with the mood and theme of the ceremony. Enter the design and style of your Haldi attire. 

Grooms, friends, and brothers who admire the fusion finesse can choose from JadeBlue’s  festive collection. For those looking for a softer symphony, go for a textured kurta to show off a fun-loving personality. 

For the to-be fathers-in-law, adding a silk sleeveless Bandhgala with intricate embroidery will do all the work. Play on with symmetrical designs, collars, button styles, sleeve length, etc. to suit your look. 

Remember with the right combination of these elements you can have an attention-stealing look for the Haldi ceremony. Our team at JadeBlue is dedicated to tailoring designs that are as special as every ceremony celebrating you. 

Head to our site to find the perfect style match today.

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