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Casual wear for men
Playing an irony and contrast in its name, smart casual for men often gets tagged as too confusing or tricky to pull off. But when done right, it gives off vibes of the easy-going gentleman you want to be.

Feel a little chilled, a little chic, and a whole lot of comfy with smart casual for men- your seamless company for a morning meeting, an evening date, and then a night party.

What is Smart Casual Attire for Men?

The middle ground- that is precisely what smart casuals are—the blending point of boardroom apparel with the sub-elements of laid-back outfits. #FormalsMetCasuals.

Traditionally, smart or formal attires include office wear shirts, blazers, trousers and chinos. While a casual wardrobe would have tees, semi-casual shirts, stylish jeans for men, hoodies, and more.

And no, wearing a blazer over a tee is not smart casual. You need to pay nuanced attention to styling and pairing the right elements.

Mastering Smart Casual Wear for Men

Blazers | Light jackets | Modi Jackets for Men | Polo T-shirts | Semi casual shirts | Office wear shirts | Jeans | Chinos | Trousers | Tailored shorts

Modi Jacket for men’s smart casual wear? Yes possible. Umm...tailored shorts? Absolutely yes. But the trick is to find the right pairing. Consider these pointers:

Smart Casual Layers:

Blazers | Light jackets | Modi Jackets for Men

Layers add personality to your style. And if you are in for sublime and subtle sophistication, a sleek blazer or Modi Jacket for men is all you need. Set your eyes on neutral shades like navy blue, charcoal black, and grey on terry rayon and terry wool fabric.

Placed between fully formal tux and street-styled jackets, blazers and Modi Jacket are the perfect way to make a show-stealing entrance at semi-formal events. For a more relaxed look, light jackets have got you covered.

Versatile Tees And Shirts:

Polo T-shirts | Semi casual shirts | Office wear shirts

Feel the vacation vibes while at work with a tasteful fit of a polo t-shirt. Known as the first pick for smart casual wear for men, polo shirts offer a blend of comfort and class. Who doesn’t like a vibrant polo t-shirt paired with a classy blazer and complimenting chinos?

Semi-casual shirts and office wear shirts, when styled right can elevate your smart casual look with some dark jeans. While it is best to go for plain monochrome tones, some patterns can give your look more groove.

Balance Out Bottoms:

Jeans | Chinos | Trousers | Tailored shorts

Say goodbye to random things put together and call it an outfit. When going for a smart casual look, jeans, chinos, trousers, and tailored shorts should be your first pick.

Straight-fit jeans with a semi-casual shirt and complimenting colour blazer will give off a laid-back boss feeling. If your comfort zone lies with formal pants, trousers, and chinos are your A-team. Have some fun with darker earthy tones like navy, khaki, brown, and olive.

For the rule breakers, tailored shorts in light hues of beige, mint green, and denim indigo will reflect a relaxed and preppy look.

We know you love your footwear, but keep the oxfords for the boardroom. Let loose a bit with some sneakers, and loafers. Style them with chinos or tailored shorts for a refined yet relaxed look that transitions seamlessly from day to night.
Sunglasses, belts, and watches are some other elements that you need to pay attention. Start your everyday affair with smart casual wear for men today, head to our site to explore our curated collection.


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