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Formal wear for men
Formal suits for men, suit every man!

Paired with office wear shirts or semi-casual shirts, a formal blazer adds a confident charisma to your style. Suited for a lasting first impression in the corporate world, formal attire can be a difficult dragon to slay.

JadeBlue’s guide on styling formal attires for men will be your companion till you champion this look. Come aboard!

Class Up the Cubicle: Essential Formal Wear to Have

Office Wear Shirts | Party Wear Shirts | Formal Trousers & Chinos | Blazers | Modi Jackets for Men

Snooze away the ordinary business look in 2024. Style up with these must-have business attire items in your wardrobe:

Office Wear Shirts

A crisp formal shirt in monotone colours is the first thing to start with. Oxford blue, soft cream pink, ivory white, and midnight black are some statement colours to look out for. Since they serve as a great match for Blazers and ties.

Be presentation-ready with office-wear shirts for men in pastel tones of blue, pink, and yellow. Shirts weaved with premium cotton have longer fiber lengths, giving off a soft and silky feel to your business attire.

Get a bit laid-back on Weekends with a semi-casual shirt (100% cotton) in black, forest green, and maroon.

Party Wear Shirts

Have a formal evening to attend? Embrace sophistication in cotton blend party wear shirts. Royal shades of red, blue, and black will work in your favour. Linen and poly-viscose can be your companions to impress.

Pair it up with formal trousers or chinos, and if you feel a bit fancy, top it up with a sleek blazer.

Formal Trousers And Chinos

Comfy formal trousers are a must for every guy.

Well suited for a sleek and sophisticated look, formal trousers offer timeless charm and versatility. Go for neutral colours like beige, taupe, grey, brown, black, and white. But if you are up for a more eventful evening, purple, wine, and cream could be your pick.

Make your reservation for a chic work weekend with Stylish jeans.


Positioned between a tux suit and coat is the brand ambassador of everyday formal attire for men: Blazers.

Classy and confident, the look of a blazer outfit depends on 3 factors- material, colour coordination, and whether you opt for a shirt or t-shirt. Terry wool, terry rayon and poly wool will give off an exquisite look.

Sticking to a Blazer coloured in charcoal black, grey, Oxford blue, and green gives a classy vibe. Pair these shades as follows:





White, Light Blue, Soft Pink, Light Rust

Black, Navy Blue, Grey, Off-White


Lavender, White, Cream, Pastel Orange

Navy Blue, Black, Olive Green


White, Light Grey, Lime Yellow

Khaki, Beige, Grey, Light Brown


Peach, Gery, Cream, 

Beige, Grey, Black

Modi Jackets for Men

Get back to your roots and add a traditional touch to your formal attires with a classy Modi Jacket®.

Sleek Mandarin collar, statement buttons, comfortable fabric and magnetic hues, what else do you need to rock formal attire at office events? Style it with a contrasting colour brooch or pocket square, and there you have a 10-on-10 formal attire.

Crafted as the heirloom of simplicity, the JadeBlue Modi Jacket® is the versatile fit for every Indian occasion.

Formal Accessories For Men

Suit up in formals with these accessories:

Tie Pins
Pocket Squares
Formal Shoes

Wait up, remember to pick an accessory that is in sync with the colours of your formal outfit.

Be business-ready in the best formal attire for men with JadeBlue. Head to the JadeBlue Formal Collection to win every situation and heart.

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