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ethnic wear outfits

With wedding season just around the corner, let's gear-up to make you the “Man of the Hour” that you truly are! Among the many decisions you'll make as a groom, one of the most important is choosing the ethnic wear outfits for the various wedding ceremonies. Each ceremony holds its own significance, and your traditional attire should not only reflect your personal style but also honor the cultural and traditional aspects of the celebrations. Get along to find your perfect look with this ultimate fashion guide.

Haldi Ceremony:

The Haldi ceremony is a vibrant and joyous occasion to loosen up right before the big bash. For this event, comfort is key. Choose a simple yet elegant kurta in shades of white, cream, or yellow with minimalistic embroidery.

 Haldi kurta for men
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 Pair with stylish sunglasses to add a touch of “it factor” to your look. For all those men who want to create a style statement choose something simple yet chic with a little pop of bling. 

Engagement Ceremony:

The ultimate whimsical ceremony marked with twinkling eyes and blushing smiles. For the occasion, you can opt for a kurta in bold and vibrant hues, adorned with intricate patterns and embroidery to compliment that dapper personality.

sherwani for men
Engagement Ceremony Kurta

You can also consider a stylish Bandh gala jacket to elevate your look. 

Sangeet Ceremony:

The Sangeet ceremony is the time to showcase your dancing skills and dapper style. Get a little groovy with a well-fitted indowestern. Accessorize with a coordinating statement-making mojari shoes to complete the ensemble.

indowestern for men
Sangeet Ceremony Kurta

This late evening ceremony can be perfectly brightened up with your silver or black sequined tuxedos to stand out from the rest. 

Wedding Ceremony:

Here comes your big day! We want your final ceremony to be as special as your bond with your partner. Combine embroidered cream silk or ivory Sherwanis that makes you the man of the moment. You can also wear pastel-colored sherwani like dusky pink for that regal and sophisticated look.

embroidered cream sherwani
Wedding Ceremony Sherwani

Don't forget to adorn yourself with a magnificent saafa (turban), elaborate jewelry, and elegant footwear to make a lasting impression.

JadeBlue understands that choosing the right outfits for each wedding ceremony is not only an expression of your style but also a way to pay homage to the traditions that make Indian weddings so special. Jade Blue’s vibrant and versatile range of men’s wedding collection- 23,24, ensures that you are well-equipped to make informed and perfect choices for each event, ensuring that you look your absolute best and leave a lasting impression on your special day. Embrace the journey, celebrate love, and create unforgettable memories in style!

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