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Coolly Classy: A Man’s Guide to Mehndi Ethnic Wear

The Mehndi ceremony comes with a challenging opportunity for men to style their ethnic wear. But, you don’t have to sit in the background in a plain kurta pajama, while the ladies have all the fun. 

Take charge and leave a memorable impression with our style guide for the Mehndi ceremony, tailored for all men, from the modern-day groom to a traditional-hearted father. 

Catch The Floral Fever

green bandh gala jacket

Hop on to the most popular trend of the year with florals.

Tastefully composed, floral designs and motifs offer a sense of versatility to your look. Whether you are into having fun with contrasting colours or want to go for a preppy monochrome style, floral patterns are your partner this Mehndi season. 

JadeBlue's tip is to style ‘floral in the foreground’. Go for a sleeveless Bandhgala with floral embroidery or print over a flowery kurta. 

A Jodhpuri outfit  with soft floral designs is a great choice for male friends and relatives. When considering flower-patterned ethnic wear, go for pastel shades to elevate its sublime feel. 

Stay Quite Fabulous

pastel green kurta set

This Mehndi season, go in for muted tones. With a ‘casually classy’ approach, pick colours that are soft but hold some personality. JadeBlue’s top pic includes ivory, onion pink, muted green, and pastel blue.

Experiment with a plain kurta and intricately detailed Koti  or Bandhgala to create a sense of silent luxury around you. To reduce the contrast, ensure some element of your layer, let's say buttons, matches the colour of your kurta.

Another popular colour for festive wear is black. But, can you wear black to a mehndi?

Black outfits are more suitable for the wedding day. The reason why muted shades work well for Mehndi is because they work well with daylighting. Moreover, light colours are seen as good for auspicious events.

Feel The Jacquard Joy

navy blue jodhpuri suit

Smooth, sophisticated, and sublime— no doubt, jacquard fabric is the winner at every Mehndi event. Imagine the magnificent feel and fit a jacquard Jodhpuri suit will bring to your vibe.

With an intricate weaving pattern, it offers a rich look with a comfortable and breathable feel. Available in lightweight and heavyweight mixes, jacquard is also suitable for different seasons.

What else? Add a shimmer to your ethnic wear with a blend of silk jacquard. Other fabric options to consider are silk, linen, cotton blend, and georgette.

A Symphony of Asymmetry

grey indo western

As the Mehndi trends move towards a minimalistic show, blend in a hint of boldness with asymmetric designs. With a contemporary design and silhouette, an asymmetric kurta highlights the quirkiness of your personality. 

JadeBlue’s tip for pulling off an asymmetric outfit is to tone down on its embellishments and colours. Go for a cream or grey colour instead of white, as they add some character to your look. 

For finishing touches, choose vibrant accessories, jewellery, and embellished shoes. 

Stay styled for every event with JadeBlue’s festive wear collection for men, tailored to make every head turn.

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